We are five enthusiastic BMS master students that are organizing this year’s online Biomedical Sciences Symposium. Let us introduce ourselves to you. Nice to meet you!


Hi there, I’m Abel, master’s student at the research track. Always interested in neuroscience, your brain and making music. You can find me in the lab but also on stage where I like sharing ideas, bringing people together and all the tech involved. 

Do you have any questions about the website or the platform we’ll be using? Do not hesitate to contact either me or Roelof and we will be happy to help. 


Hi everyone! I’m Annelies and I am a master’s student following the communication track. What I like the most about science is discussing it with others, and not only with scientists but with anyone. This is why I chose the science communication track, which gives me the perfect excuse to do so!

During this symposium, you will also get a ton of opportunities to share and discuss science. You might discover new areas of interest to you, get new inspiration for your own research projects or just learn something cool! If you are not convinced yet, Manon and I will work on that for the coming months, as we are responsible for the promotion and communication of our event. I look forward to seeing you all enjoying this symposium!


Hi! My name is Manon and I am a second-year master’s student, following the communication track. I am currently an intern at New Scientist, where I write about everything science-y. Within the cozy confines of my own home, of course, just like everybody else.

In these strange times, it is important to be able to reach out to one another and hear about each other’s work, and this symposium will hopefully contribute to this. Because of my interest in (health) communication, I hope we can show you the diversity of opportunities Biomedical Sciences offer, both inside and outside of academia . Together with Annelies, I am responsible for the communication and promotion of our event, and I am very much looking forward to reaching out to you and making you just as enthusiastic about the symposium as I am!


Heya! I’m Roelof and I’m a second-year BMS student within the research track. I’m a research intern at Mimetas in the Leiden Bioscience Park. I have a passion for cellular cancer therapeutics and bridging the gap between in vitro and in vivo models of disease. Since the concepts underlying biomedical science can often be complex, I have invested a lot of time in learning how to graphically illustrate biological mechanisms with intuitive and comprehensive figures.

For the symposium, I hope to implement these skills to create a visually interesting abstract book that you’ll want to have a physical copy of. Furthermore, I am working together with Abel to create a comprehensive and beautiful website for the symposium this year, as well as ensuring the platform for the second online edition of the symposium works without a hitch on the big day.


Hi everyone! I’m Sabina, a master’s student following the Management track. After doing two amazing internships focusing on immunology, decided to look for new opportunities through the management track. While I do love many aspects of Biomedical Sciences, I will always be the happiest reading new (pop-science) books with chocolate pastries and fresh tea.

If you have any questions about the planning of the symposium, your registration or any other logistics of the event, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help where-ever possible.

We would like to meet you too! Are you presenting on our symposium on June 4th? Or are you attending? Keep an eye on our socials and website!