Jos van den Broek

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Jos van den Broek is an professor-emeritus in (bio)medical science communication at Leiden University, and is also an Infographics maker, author and science educator to name a few things. Jos always felt passionate about sharing science with others. In fact, his first science communication product was a summary of his PhD thesis especially written for lay people. After his PhD in Pharmacology in Leiden, Jos made career as a science journalist. He was editor in chief at popular science magazines Bionieuws and Natuur & Techniek. In 2003, Jos returned to academia, set up the specialisation Science Communication and mainly focused on visual and health communication. Since his retirement in 2017, he continues to make great efforts for science and health education. Currently, he writes books, makes infographics for scientists and everyone else, and is on the advisory board of the foundation Biomedische wetenschap en maatschappij, which publishes booklets and educational material to help non-scientists form an opinion on current biomedical themes and challenges.