Prof. dr. E.L. Noach prize

The Prof. dr. E.L. Noach Fund was established in 2010 at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the university education in biomedical Sciences at the LUMC. The fund was created as a tribute to prof.dr. E.L. Noach, in life Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine at Leiden University. Professor Noach was one of the founding fathers of the university education in Biomedical Sciences. He realized that a separate academic program was necessary to ensure good quality of research in a university medical institution.

Every, academic year, the Prof.dr. E.L. Noach Prize is awarded to the best Bachelor’s student. The selection made by a jury is mainly based on the Bacherlor’s intersnip report which exemplifies his/her academic excellence during the Bachelor’s phase. The prize consists of a sculpture and 1350 Euro cheque, which should be spent by the winner on orientation for his or her Master’s degree. Was you Bachelor’s internship graded with an 8.5 or higher in 2020-2021? Send your report to before October 2021 and take your chances for next year’s prize!

The nominees of this year are:

  • Noah Helderman
  • Marretje Oomen
  • Ianthe Rebergen

During the Biomedical Sciences Symposium the winner of the Prof.dr E.L. Noach prize will be announced!